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A django CMS enabled application to handle redirects

This is heavily borrowed from django.contrib.redirects with three major changes:

  • Selection of django CMS pages
  • Selection of redirect status code
  • Middleware can processed in the request or response phase

Why using process_request?

Doing database queries in the middleware process_request is heavily discouraged as it’s a performance hit, especially when doing redirects which are just a tiny part of the processed requests. Except that sometimes it’s just what you need (for example to “hide” content without deleting / unpublishing it) By caching both existing and non existing redirects for a given URL the performance hit is minimized for the use cases that requires process_request.


The full documentation is at https://djangocms-redirect.readthedocs.io.


  • Set old and new path, by selection existing django CMS pages or writing down the complete address
  • Select the redirect status code (301, 302)
  • Support for status code 410


Tools used in rendering this package: